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CRM helps medium and large businesses to extract the full Life-Time-Value of customer relationships. Manage your customer interactions from lead to order in a unified and efficient process with a popular, versatile and scalable software from ZOHO, a global software company.

Zoho CRM is a leading software that brings under one single login the abiity to manage your entire customer journey. The components of the Zoho CRM suite incorporates Pipeline Management, Sales, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Business Intelligence, and Surveys. They touch every aspect of your customer sales and service interaction.

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Did you know?The average ROI for CRM
is 8.71 times for every
dirham spent

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    We work with your team to map your needs for the best use of the Zoho CRM features and capabilities. A structured process can ensure your CRM delivers beyond your expectations as we use our experience across different sectors.

  • Implementtion


    Efficient and expeditious implementation makes your team ready to start reaping the benefits of CRM in the shortest time possible. Our knowledge of business and technology delivers a robust configuration.

  • Training


    Our videos and manuals document your customized configuration making it easy for existing and future
    users to start using the Zoho CRM without delay. Simple steps and guides reduce the need for

  • Support


    In a dynamic business environment you need CRM support to stay tuned to your needs which is provided
    by our support team. Annual support contracts ensure that you don’t miss a single opportunity to
    benefit from your Zoho CRM.

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Case Study

  • Realizing dreams for a better life

    Realizing dreams for a better life

    Our client is an established company in the business of helping people get a new country passport to secure the future of their families. We contributed to making this process efficient and easy with the help of Zoho CRM+.

    Zoho CRM provides the client a full life-cycle process for their business beginning with lead capture using Zoho Forms and Zoho Social. Leads and Deal pipelines help to manage the nurturing of new leads and the conversion to a confirmed client.

    The Case modules are used effectively to flow through the process for completing the documentation, coordinating with government authorities and completing the process of visas.

    The client understand the power of the Zoho CRM platform and uses it effectively for customized auto-responders, internal escalations and follow-ups using built-in workflows. Communication is effectively managed through templated email and relationship forged through regular greetings.

    emQube consulting team and development team worked with the marketing director and a qualified and enthusiastic team to deliver a robust and scalable solution on the versatile and highly-affordable Zoho One platform.

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